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EMP200 and Demolder Starter Package

EMP200 and Demolder Starter Package

The EMP200 and Demolder Starter Package is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their popsicle business.


EMP200 Paleta/Popsicle Maker

Perfect for small-scale production or limited spaces, the EMP200 produces an impressive 200 water-based pops per hour. Engineered to operate with a glycol and water mix at temperatures as low as -25°C, this versatile machine can be up and running in just 45 minutes, depending on the freezing solution and environment.

Tailor this machine to your specific needs – it's adaptable to both single and three-phase electric configurations and can be water or air-cooled. Elevate or kickstart your frozen dessert venture by introducing paletas with the reliability and efficiency of the Emerymark EMP200 model.

Emerymark Demolder

An essential asset for your ice pop production, the Emerymark Demolder simplifies and streamlines the demolding process with remarkable efficiency. By utilizing a temperature-controlled water vat, this machine ensures a consistent temperature, facilitating a swift and smooth demolding experience.

Operation significantly boosts production speed, enabling users to efficiently extract paletas/pops from molds, ultimately reducing labor and minimizing water expenses for store owners.

Ataforma Molds

Made from Certified 304L Stainless Steel, Ataforma popsicle molds boast a 0.5mm sheet for enhanced production efficiency. Combined with a longitudinal frieze and increased edge thickness, the molds create an empty space, reducing contact area between them and minimizing the risk of splashing inwards during ice pop manufacturing. They now include a newly designed stainless steel bar crafted with resistance welding only in the contact area, making cleaning much easier.

A smooth, uniform finish prevents residue accumulation, while the improved impact resistance ensures durability. Plus, maintaining its usual lightness, these molds boost productivity and simplify handling throughout the entire process.

Ataforma Extractor and Aligner

The Ataforma popsicle stick extractor and aligner set revolutionizes the popsicle-making process with its innovative design and durable construction. Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, these tools offer unmatched ease and efficiency.

The extractor is equipped with adjustable lever technology, making it easy to quickly insert popsicle sticks and easily extract all product from a mold at once. We highly recommend using it in tandem with the aligner, which accurately positions and lifts the sticks to ensure they are properly secured by the extractor.

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