Emerymark USA Shipping

Read the following information on Emerymark machine shipments to understand how to safeguard your investment effectively.

All products sold by Emerymark USA and Ice Cream Equipment Specialists fall under these shipping policies. To secure your investment and warranty, it's imperative to carefully follow the outlined steps. Neglecting these instructions could lead to damages to your machine and potentially void your warranty.

Quick FAQ

Can machines be shipped before the payment is fulfilled?

Our machines are dispatched only after the complete clearance of payment; no shipments occur prior to this. While the shipping costs are contingent on the location of your business, we want to assure you that our shipping service provider boasts extensive experience in providing our customers with optimal carriers at competitive prices.

Should the machine be shipped to a commercial or residential area?

For cost efficiency, we advise providing a shipping address situated in a commercial area rather than a residential property. Additionally, please note that depending on the carrier, an additional fee may apply for a lift gate during delivery.

How are shipping charges handled? Is it possible to arrange my own shipping?

We don't increase shipping fees; you'll pay the same amount we do, ensuring savings for you. While arranging your own shipping is allowed, proof of full insurance for the unit is required before its release.

How to Interact Effectively with Shipping Companies

In the course of your business ventures, you'll engage with Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping firms for equipment and potential supplies. Adhering to these guidelines is essential:

  1. Document thoroughly with photo and video, especially when unloading equipment. Navigating insurance claims with shipping companies can be challenging.
  2. The delivery personnel will not bring the equipment inside your store. If you're fortunate, they'll leave it at your doorstep. You'll be responsible for providing the necessary labor and tools to move it inside.
  3. It's not always certain that the delivery personnel will provide advance notice of their arrival. It's advised to use the Pro number (tracking number) to monitor your shipment. As it approaches your city, search for the shipping company's local terminal online and contact them for dispatch details. Request a notification on the day they're scheduled to arrive at your location.
  4. Refrain from immediately signing the Bill of Lading (BOL). If there's damage, ask the driver to wait while you inspect the equipment. Notify the seller promptly and document any damage on the BOL.
  5. Remember that unseen internal damage might exist; expedite testing by plugging in the machine upon arrival to identify issues.
  6. Reject the shipment if it arrives on its side or appears significantly damaged, especially in the case of refrigeration equipment.
  7. Exercise caution during unloading to prevent potential damage, particularly in refrigeration equipment, as mishandling can lead to refrigerant leaks, risking your investment.

Protocol During Delivery

By following these steps, you not only safeguard your machine and warranty but also enable us to initiate an insurance claim with the transportation company if required.

  1. Document the process: Begin recording upon the truck door's opening until the complete inspection of the crated machine(s). Recording the entire process is advisable for reference.
  2. Caution with sideways crates: Should the box or crate appear tilted or improperly positioned (if the pallet is not on the ground), refrain from acceptance. Contact your Emerymark USA representative promptly.
  3. Responsibility upon delivery: Move the machine indoors upon delivery to your door. Only sign the bill of lading (BOL) after inspecting the crated machine(s). If any issues are observed, gather evidence (photos, videos) and note them on the BOL.
  4. Unpacking necessity: Even if the external crate shows no damage, unpack the machine once indoors. Timely reporting of hidden damage (internal damage despite the crate being intact) within 48 hours of receipt is needed to file an insurance claim. Additional manpower and tools may be necessary for unpacking.

Unloading your machine

Unpacking the Machine

Kindly view the video provided below for uncrating instructions.

Required Tools:

  • Pry bar or two hammers
  • Phillips screwdriver or Phillips drill and bit
  • 3/8” wrench or socket
  • 3/4" ratcheting wrench

Important to note: Our machines contain delicate components, including copper cooling lines that should experience minimal jostling. Please handle your machine with utmost care.

Should any questions or concerns arise during this process, promptly reach out to your Emerymark USA representative for assistance. If not already completed, your next step involves thoroughly reading your machine's operating manual.

Uncrating and recrating

Cómo descargar su máquina

Dealing with Shipping-Related Damage

In the event of shipping-related damage, Emerymark USA will work with customers, insurance, and freight companies to seek reimbursement for any damages incurred. Not marking damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL) and neglecting instructions can potentially invalidate the warranty, resulting in insurance coverage being declined.

Adherence to instructions by customers, including documenting damages on the BOL with accompanying videos and photos, and promptly reporting damages to the dispatcher via the driver, ensures insurance coverage. Emerymark stands ready to support customers throughout the insurance process.

Failure to mark or record damage on the BOL shifts responsibility to the customer. If the driver pressures you to sign for the equipment before inspection, firmly decline. Insist on inspection and consider noting on the BOL: "subject to inspection, possible unseen damage; driver refuses inspection.” If the customer is unable to inspect despite requesting to do so, they should additionally write this on the BOL to denote their attempt to inspect the equipment.