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Ataforma Mold Michmid 113ml 3.8 oz 26 cavities

Ataforma Mold Michmid 113ml 3.8 oz 26 cavities

Ataforma's 304L stainless steel popsicle molds feature a smooth finish that resists residue, unique surface polishing for easy cleaning, patented cavity locking, lightweight design, and fast freezing capability.

  • 26 cavities
  • A: 106 MM
  • B: 23 MM
  • C: 54 MM
  • ML/CC: 113
  • Volume: 3.8 oz

Full Description

Made from certified 304L stainless steel, Ataforma popsicle molds boast a 0.5mm sheet for enhanced production efficiency. Combined with a longitudinal frieze and increased edge thickness, the molds create an empty space, reducing contact area between them and minimizing the risk of splashing inwards during ice pop manufacturing. They now include a newly designed stainless steel bar crafted with resistance welding only in the contact area, making cleaning much easier.

A smooth, uniform finish prevents residue accumulation, while the improved impact resistance ensures durability. Plus, maintaining its usual lightness, these molds boost productivity and simplify handling throughout the entire process.

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