Why choose Emery Mark

Why choose Emery Mark

We have a long history of working with ice cream equipment, since 2013 we have been the industry leader in used ice cream machinery. Before that, we have owned and operated ice cream shops. After speaking to Emery Mark and seeing the equipment first hand we felt this is the type of company we enjoy working with and wanted to build that long-lasting relationship. The equipment is solid and the people are passionate about their product.

What we looked for in a piece of equipment. Is quality engineering, reliability in design, and affordable components for the occasion there is a failure. After being in contact with Emery Mark for several years, we have seen a dedication from the factory to listen to users and make improvements. 

Emery Mark has received NSF certification for Paleta (Ice Pop) machines and batch freezers. The paleta machines range from our smallest unit making 200 pops per hour up to our industrial machine outputting 3000 pops per hour. If that is not enough, then you have some great problems to fix. The batch freezers come in three sizes 10L, 20L, and 40L. If you are looking to make gelato for a display case or small buckets of Italian Ice, then the 10L would be perfect. The
20L is for ice cream shops looking to make 5-gallon buckets, and the 40L works nicely if you have very high volume, or are packing for distribution.

With the always continued improvement of excellence, Emerymark has become a leader in ice cream equipment, we are proud to carry their products. We can't wait to help you get started in the ice cream industry and stand by you and your Emerymark machines as you enjoy ice cream success!

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