What is a Paleta?

What is a Paleta?

What is Paleta?

Paletas are becoming so popular if you haven't heard of it, you will. Paletas are Mexican frozen popsicles made with fresh fruit and ingredients. They are incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day. Due to the nature of paletas and how they freeze, there is no limit to what you can make. We have and can help develop unique flavors for your store. Experimentation can be the most enjoyable part, and every week you can offer new variations. If it will freeze, it can be put in a paleta mold and frozen.

Getting Started

At home, paletas can be made in a standard plastic popsicle mold and while refining your recipes they can be enjoyed by your family. After you have developed a good recipe or are looking to make large quantities for sale, you will be looking into one of our paleta machines. These machines are the creme of the crop when it comes to making paletas, they can make incredible amounts of paletas quickly, and with the features designed to be more efficient, they will make your day to day production and cleaning enjoyable.

Paletas Profitable?

Paletas should be the most profitable item on your menu, they are made with fresh ingredients, however with one batch of fresh fruit, many can be made. For example:


Fruit Based Paletas:
Cost of goods including labor $.29/each
Sale Price $2.50
88% Profit Margin



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