Colección: Pregel Modern Paleta Course

Explore this trendy, fun and easy addition to our Paletas class featuring Emerymark's Paleta machines. This nostalgic treat has become more popular than ever! Students will work with a variety of recipes and techniques to create a wide selection of different paletas, including fruit and milk-based paletas, using our Sprint line and our large selection of Arabeschi, to create interesting flavor combinations and textures.
Participants will be able to gain hands-on experience creating paletas with different coatings, using our Coriandoline and Crunchy Coatings lines.
During class, we will focus on the aesthetic aspects of paletas by using different decorating techniques. Emerymark's Paletas machine makes the process of making these treats fast and consistent.

Details Date: May 4 Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Cost: $200

$200 (includes all materials, instruction, and recipes)

Organizer:  Emerymark and PreGel ITC Ft, Lauderdale 
Phone: 775 682 0763