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North American Ice Cream Association Paleta Competition 
Join the 1st ever North America Ice Cream Association Paleta Competition!
Do you make the best or the most unique Paletas/Pops in your town? Come and claim your title of PALETA/POPSICLE MASTER.
Prove your talent at the Conecon 2022 Paleta Competition hosted at the North American Ice Cream Association Convention and Trade show
The winner of the competition will receive an award from the North American Ice Cream Association and be invited to compete in the Feria de Paletas in Mexico!


1) All competitors must use the Ataforma mold provided. This is a total of three 26 cavities 86ml/2.9 oz each cavity

2)Competitors will make one mold (26 paletas) of WATER-BASED PALETA, one dairy sustitute paleta, and one wild card paleta, you will have a total time of 1.5 hours to prepare,freeze and demold your pops If pops are not completed by 1.5 hours they cannot be judged

3)Judging Criteria :

             * Taste

             * presentation

            * Mix Blanace

            * Orgin behind your pop (what made you combine flavors, topping ect)

4)Contestants will compete in rounds of four teams at a given time throughout the day. There will be 3 rounds of 4 participants. Participants must prep themselves alone while in the competition zone

5) After pops are made they will be displayed in a display freezer throughout the duration of the event.

6) Judges will compare judging sheets and announce the winner that evening during the suppliers party.

7) competitors are welcome to bring any of there own ingredients, flavoring, fruit,etc NOTE* YOU MUST FOLLOW THE HEALTH CODE IN THE PREPERATION, STORAGE AND USE OF INGREDIENTS.

8) Your ticket gets you one and one other person entry to the trade show floor and the dinner on the trade show floor that evening. If youd like to bring your team to attend you will need to purchase a day pass for the additonal guest.


Participants will be randomly selected that morning to find out what time they compete

The first round will begin at 

10 am Tuesday Nov, 8th 2022

2nd roud

Tuesday Nov, 8th 2022

3rd round

Tuesday Nov, 8th 2022 

2pm-3:30 pm

How to register for the Paleta Contest

1) If you are an association memeber verify that your memebership is current

2) Register by clicking below

3)Pay the entry invoice received from the association


Registration Fee: $350 for new members / non members $50.00 for exisiting members

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